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RADIO COS is a folk group offive artists that seek to promote the growth of Galician music from its roots. Xurxo Fernandes and Henrique Peón, singers and percussionists of the group, are two references in the investigation of the Galician ethnographic field.

30 years of tenacious research has provided inspiration and a better understanding of traditional Galician music, forming the foundation on which the project is built. Radio Cos have been channeling their modernized interpretation of Galician music across a span of 9 years, performing in countries such as Belgium, Scotland, UK and Galicia itself.

This is their first sellf-titled debut album, consisting of roots music combining their own ideas with musical themes found in conventional Galician music.

Radio Cos is also the result of the combination of another three renowned musicians: Pedro Lamas (bagpipes and soprano sax), Nikolay Velikov (violin) and Xan Panpín (accordion).

Radio Cos’ renowned and determined trio of musicians, Pedro Lamas (bagpipes and soprano sax), Nikolay Velikov (violin) and Xan Panpín (accordin), are shedding new light on a lost art and hope to impart the same enthusiasm on a new generation.

Release Date: 20/05/2013

Format: CD

  • 1. Muiñeira da Despedida
  • 2. Valse do Amor
  • 3. O Rumbista de Sas
  • 4. Pandeiretada
  • 5. Ven Bailar Carmiña
  • 6. Camiño
  • 7. Sete Cuncas
  • 8. A Voda Búlgara
  • 9. Olereleré
  • 10. A Pontenova
  • 11. A Sogra Maldita
  • 12. De Madrí a Queimadelos
  • 13. Ándele Imende
  • 14. Igrexafeita