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Nikolay Stoyanov Velikov
Co-Principal 2nd violin of the Real Filharmonia of Galicia (1996).

He educated himself as a musician from the very beginning, and at the age of 6 he joined the Music School in his hometown, Sliven. Nikolay was awarded three times by the Bulgarian National Youth Singers Conquest. Later, he joined the National Music Institute in Sofia and completed his studies in the “Pancho Vladiguerov” Conservatory, with the well-known violin pedagogues V. Choparinov, B. Danailov and A. Ilchevt.

When he obtained he degree in chamber music and violin, he kept working on his training in the Santa Chiara de Trento Academy, with professor Stefano Pagliani.

His professional career started with the Cámara de Sofia Orchestra as a first violin assistant, playing several concerts in Bulgaria, Germany, Holland and France. At the meantime, he also played violin for chamber and soloist.

As an open-minded artist, Nikolay took part in several traditional and jazz groups like Somoza Quinteto, “Radios Cos”, Orquesta Voland…a very successful partnership with all of them: recordings and concerts were very well recognized by the specialized critics.

N. Velikov has developed an interesting pedagogic activity giving violin lessons at the Escola de Altos Estudios Musicais, in Galicia since 1998.